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Prophet Bishop Dr. Davis A. Williams, Evangelist founded the God Answers Prayer Ministries, in August 2006, during his missionary trips in Africa with the first lady Edith A. Williams.

Prophet Bishop Dr. Davis A. Williams, Evangelist is a successful global ambassador, advocate and a philanthropist, assisting millions of needy people around the globe.

Many people know Prophet Bishop Dr. Davis A. Williams, as a preacher and a teacher of the word of the Lord, helping stabilize needy children, widows, and the aged adults in crisis while freeing them from economic, physical and spiritual poverty and saving many souls through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Davis A. Williams is licensed Ordained Minister. He attended Trinity Bible School of Apologetics and Theology and recieved Th. D.
He is the founder of GAP Ministries Publishing and GAP Association of Churches.

Today, Evangelist Williams continues to take the message of God’s saving and healing power to the world.

Prophetess Edith A. Williams has always had a passion and energy for helping needy people with encouragement and hope. A life-long Ghanaian, Edith began her career in our family’s business as a Vice President of Feed The Needy Children Inc. and a founder of Daughters of Virtues and Values Inc., and Abused Women and Children Inc. now as a supportive wife and mother of two children, Edith is an inspiration and mentor to needy children, widows and aging adults in crisis worldwide.

She is fully committed to helping children, widows and aged adults and their families discover their potential in Christ.

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations.”
Matthew 24:14 (NIV)